API 6A and API Q1, 9th Ed., Design – Development


From:Haseeb Ahmed
Sent: August 28, 2013
To: ATCS – QBlog, Ask The Experts
Subject: API Q1, 8th & 9th Ed., Design and Development

If an organization applies for exclusion for Design and Development for following API 6A equipment which are included in its scope:
1. Trees and Crosses
2. Adapters and Spacers
3. Flanged Connectors
Can the Licensee still monogram this equipment based on API 6A?


From: Bill Aston, ATCS – QBlog, Ask The Experts
Sent: Sept. 14, 2013
To: Haseeb Ahmed
Subject: API Q1, 8th & 9th Ed., Design and Development

Hello Haseeb,

Thank you for contacting Aston Technical Consulting Services’ QBlog. With regard to your inquiry, please note that the API’s Advisory 6, lists API 6A, Tees and crosses, Adapters and spacers and Flanged connections (Except Type 6B) as eligible for exclusion from the design and development requirements as stated in API Q1, 8th Edition, clause 7.3 and API Q1, 9th, Edition, clause 5.4.

In my professional opinion, yes, these products would be eligible to be monogrammed as API 6A product. For more information, contact an API sales or certifications representative. Please visit the API’s website at www.api.org to download a copy of Advisory 6 and a complete list of all equipment that is eligible for exclusion from API Q1 design and development requirements.
I hope this helps.
Best regards,
Bill Aston, Managing Director, ATCS
Kingwood, Texas

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