API Q1, 9th Edition – Verification of Proprietary Product vs. Receiving Inspection

Muhammad I. asked the following question:

API Q1, 9th edition, clause, Section b) and Sub-section iii) requires the organization to verify that supplied product conform to stated requirements when limited by proprietary, legal and/or contractual arrangements.

How is this requirement different from – API Q1, 9th edition, clause 5.6.3, which states that “The organization shall ensure and provide evidence that purchased product and activities conform to specified requirements”?

Are the specified requirements not the same as proprietary, legal and/or contractual arrangements?


Hello Muhammad,

The requirements of API Q1, 9th edition, 5.6.3, are entirely different from those requirements of

Clause 5.6.3 is specific to purchased products and is intended to ensure that the delivered product meets the defined purchase order description and requirements.  This is typically considered as receiving inspection.

Clause, is specific to situations where a client or contract condition may limit the organization’s selection of suppliers to a sole source or similar, due to proprietary or other reasons.

So, as mentioned earlier, the organization will need to determine how the client’s preferred source can be added to the organization’s ASL as a qualified supplier that is capable of meeting purchase order requirements.  This will ensure that the client or contract requirements are met and also ensure that the integrity of the organization’s ASL is maintained and continues to meet API Q1 requirements.

I hope this helps.

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Bill Aston

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