API Q2 Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning & MOC

Inquiry: Where can examples of how to implement API Q2 requirements for risk assessments, contingency planning and management of change be found? Suggestions are appreciated.

Reply: Hello Maxwell, ISO 31000 can provide some general guidance regarding  risk management terminologies and methods.  However, to fully understand what is actually required to meet API Q2 requirements for risk assessment, contingency planning and management of change (MOC), the best approach would be to consider getting actual hands on experience in these areas by working through individual and group scenarios.  This can be accomplished by attending our next API Q2 training course that is scheduled for Dec. 7 to 10, 2015.  This course will also provide exercises that are specific to the development of service quality plans, identification of service related product (SRP) and supplier classification, such as indispensable vs. essential.  It’s important to know these differences.  See our training page for more details or click this link. API Q2 Training-Dec 2015

I hope this helps.

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Bill Aston, Managing Director

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