Beware of Quick ISO 9001 or APIQ1 Certification Offers

Beware of quick ISO 9001 or ISO TS29001/API Q1 certification offers.  To be clear, it’s highly improbable that anyone can deliver on this promise and here are a couple reasons why.

First, the Registrar’s Auditor is required to verify that the organization has established and implemented the following QMS documentation, procedures and activities prior to obtaining certification.  ISO TS29001/API Q1 requirements are more extensive than ISO 9001 and require additional procedures, control features and records.

  1. Quality manual
  2. Quality policy
  3. Quality objectives
  4. QMS procedures (six required)
    1. Control of documents
    2. Control of records
    3. Control of nonconforming product
    4. Internal audits
    5. Corrective actions
    6. Preventive action
  5. QMS training
  6. Completion of a QMS internal audit
  7. Completion of a Management review

Secondly, most Registrars require at least two (2) to four (4) months of QMS records to be available as evidence of conformity to ISO 9001 and/or API Q1 requirements.

So, obtaining ISO 9001 or API Q1 certification within just a few weeks is doubtful at best.  “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

In my opinion, promises to provide quick certification are a “hook” intended to sell a one size fits all, low cost generic quality manual and procedures.

The cognizant Registrar’s Auditor will quickly identify existing disconnects between the quality manual and procedures versus the company’s actual operating conditions or processes.  The end result of this situation will be that the company is left with the task of finding a “competent QMS consultant” to resolve all the findings/nonconformities documented during the Registrar’s audit.  Additionally, the company may have to reapply for a certification audit and pay associated expenses.

Key Points:

  1. Beware of promises to provide QMS certification within a few weeks
  2. Beware of a QMS quote that’s not based on a site visit or gap analysis of your company
  3. Beware of a QMS quote that doesn’t specifically identify deliverables, provide a development and implementation schedule or include an estimated completion date.

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