Estimating the cost for API Q1 certification & API 6A Monogram License

From: Eugene P., March 6, 2017 –
During the past months, we have received several inquiries asking if our company was API Q1 certified or if we had an API 6A monogram.  How much does it cost to get API Q1 certified and get an API 6A monogram license?  We are a small shop that has a total of 50 employees, so knowing the estimated cost upfront is important.

From: ATCS, Ask the Experts, March 6, 2017
Hi Eugene, Excellent question and one that’s frequently asked. To accurately estimate a cost to obtain API Q1 certification and API 6A product monogram license, the following items should be considered:
The first step should include contacting an API Sales Representative to identify:
1. The cost of application fees for API Q1 certification and a Product monogram license.
2. The cost associated with conducting required stage 1 and stage 2 audits for QMS certification and product monogram license.
3. Hourly and per day rates charged for offsite and onsite audit activities.
4. Administrative fees, if any.
5. Travel time costs (minimum and maximum daily charges).
6. Other associated costs such as airfare, hotel, meals and car rental.
7. Frequency and recurring cost for QMS surveillance audits.
8. The cost for Product monogram license recertification.
Discuss your company’s plans and timeline with the API Sales Rep., to understand the application process and to set up an API MyCerts account to submit your business’s application and other required documents.
In addition to determining the API’s costs, it is equally important to understand API Q1 certification and API 6A monogram license requirements. In general, at least four (4) months of records must be available to provide evidence of conformance and implementation of the QMS. Another important point is to determine if a product design package will be required. If your company manufactures an engineered product, a design package will most likely be required. Ask the API Sales Rep., or contact a qualified Consultant.

The second step should be to determine the availability of expertise within your company to develop and implement an API Q1 QMS for certification as well as meet API 6A requirements for product monogram license. If outside support services are required, contact an experienced and qualified Consultant. Request that a quote for a gap analysis to be provided. Do your homework before selecting a QMS Consultant! Contact a few QMS Consultants, compare their rates and request contact information for past clients, or other references, to verify their qualifications. Again, select a Consultant who has prior experience within your industry, processes and product line.
Confirm that the results of the gap analysis will document all areas that meet certification requirements as well as those that do not, preferably by clause number. The results of this gap analysis will be used by the Consultant to estimate the number of the man-hours that will be required to develop and assist with the implementation of the QMS for certification.
The bottom line is that the cost to obtain API Q1 or API Product monogram license can’t be realistically estimated without knowing these four (4) items:
1. The Registrar’s associated costs for QMS and product monogram license registration.
2. Your company’s current level of conformance with API Q1 and API 6A requirements.
3. Determine the availability of resources and top management’s commitment those resources to the project.
4. The level of support needed from the Consultant and associated costs.

Consider attending an API-U approved, API Q1 and API 6A Workshop to get complete details about the requirements and process for obtaining certification or product monogram license.  Visit the training page of this website to see an overview the workshop subject matter, scheduled dates, and cost to attend.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Bill Aston, Managing Director
Aston Technical Consulting Services

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