Supply Chain Management & Quality Audits, Part 4

Supplier Management and Quality Audits has been the primary focus of our past discussions presented in parts 1, 2 and 3.  The key points covered in each of these parts are as following.

Supplier Chain Management & Quality Audits, Part 1:

  1. The importance of conducting supplier quality audits
  2. Which suppliers should be audited
  3. The potential impact that poor supplier performance can have on customer satisfaction.
  4. The Purchaser’s duty to control outsourced processes and ensure requirements have been met.

Supplier Chain Management & Quality Audits, Part 2:

  1. Auditor selection, training, experience and qualification requirements
  2. Proactive management of customer satisfaction
  3. Short and long term suggestions for supplier quality auditing

Supplier Chain Management & Quality Audits, Part 3:

  1. Defining the differences between supplier quality, quality system certification and internal auditing.
  2. Supplier quality audit planning strategies
  3. Reporting the results of supplier quality audits.

Although I have attempted to provide as much information and guidance as possible regarding supplier quality audits, it should be noted that this is an area that can and should be approached in a manner that will meet your organization’s requirements.

Neither ISO 9001 nor ISO TS29001/API Q1 is prescriptive with regard to the methodologies to be used to monitor, measure or analyze supplier performance.  Every organization must consider and select the approach that works best for them.

Thanks for your interest and the comments.

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2 Responses to Supply Chain Management & Quality Audits, Part 4

  1. Supply Chain Management Training says:

    audits of supply chain process is a very vital part of supply chain management. We must make sure that every link in our supply chain is working good because ultimately the performance of whole process depends upon the individual links in the chain.
    Nice post by the way.

    Supply Chain Management Training

    • Bill says:

      Samuel James,
      Thanks for your comments! Categorizing audits as a “link” in the supply chain was an excellent comparison.

      Best regards,