API Q1, 9th Ed, Control production and Servicing

From: Fayyez Ahmed
Company:  DATA Steel Pipes Industries (pvt) Ltd., Punjab,Pakistan
Sent: Sept. 24, 2013
To: ATCS – QBlog, Ask The Experts
Subject: API Q1, 9th Ed., Production and Servicing Procedures

Question: API Q1 9th edition requires control of production and servicing requirements separately under clause reference # & Whereas in API Q1, 8th edition the “Control of production and service provision” was jointly addressed in sub clauses “a -f”.  Is it essential for a pipe manufacturer to maintain two separate procedures, i.e., one for production control and 2nd for servicing?

From: Bill Aston, ATCS – QBlog, Ask The Experts
Sent: Sept. 26, 2013
To: Fayyez Ahmed
Subject: API Q1, 9th Ed., Production and Servicing Procedures

REPLY:API Q1, 9th Edition adds specific reference to “Servicing” which is only intended for those organizations that provide product servicing to their customers.  It would be acceptable for an organization to combine these procedural requirements if a company chooses to do so.  This would make sense for an organization such as a pipe mill that does NOT provide product servicing.  However, if the organization does provide product servicing, having one procedure with two different conditions may be more preferable.  In one section this procedure may address conditions for the product and in the other section, product servicing could be addressed.

I hope this helps.

Bill Aston, Managing Director
Aston Technical Consulting Services

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