API Auditor, API Q1 and API Q2 Training and Consulting Services

API Q1, API Q2 and ISO 9001 Auditor training courses are conducted by a PECB certified Trainer, with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry as an Auditor, Inspector and quality professional.  API-U training courses encourage understanding through individual and group exercises that are based on case studies and practical examples.

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Quality Management Systems, API Q1, API Q2 and ISO 9001
ATCS uses strategies for development and implementation of API Q1, API Q2 and ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems that are based upon proven practices that have been employed by a variety of manufacturing and services organizations.  We provide practical and realistic solutions to solve problems.

API Product Monogram License
ATCS can provide any level of support needed for obtaining an API Q1 or Q2 certification or an API product monogram license.  Contact us for a quote to provide support for an API quality management system certification or API product monogram license for 4F, 5CT, 6A, 6D, 7-1, 8C, 16A or others.

Supplier Quality Audits
ATCS’s past experiences in the oil and gas industry as well as knowledge of equipment and materials used in upstream and downstream operations make ATCS uniquely qualified for conducting supplier quality audits to assess conformance with API QMS and API product monogram license requirements.

Internal Audits
The effectiveness of an internal audit program for API Q1, API Q2 or ISO 9001:2015 is dependent on the Auditor’s qualifications, knowledge, and experience. ATCS Auditors maintain current certifications.  ATCS Auditor’s certifications issued by accredited ISO 17024 certification bodies, such as PECB and Exemplar Global or other recognized organizations such as ASQ and IRCA.

Auditor Training, API Q1, Q2 and ISO 9001
ATCS’s Audit Fundamentals training courses provide a base for those with limited quality management system or audit experience.  API Lead Auditor training provides experienced Auditor with a refresher on audit fundamentals.  This information is combined with recent changes to audit techniques and new API Q1, API Q2 and ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Discussion on interpretations for API Q1, API Q2 and ISO 9001:2015 requirements are included.

API Q1 Certification & API 6D Monogram Lic. Workshop
This 2-day API-U workshop has been developed for those such as management or staff responsible for assisting their company through the API Q1 certification and API 6D product monogram license process.  Participants will be familiarized with the API Q1 and API 6D onsite audit certification process.  Discussion topics will include QMS and product planning, requirements for documentation, records, design packages, allowable exclusions, monogramable product, and the minimum qualification requirements that must be met for API product monogram Licensee eligibility. This workshop provides information needed to plan successfully, estimate costs, timing and to identify the resources necessary to obtain API Q1 certification and API 6D product monogram license.

2019 API-U and ATCS Training Courses at a Glance


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