API Q1 Versus ISO TS29001 QMS Certification

QuestionRobert Meyer asks the following about APIQ1.
As this standard was developed by API and basically covers the requirements ISO 9001 and ISO TS 29001, is the API the only company that can provided certification?  Can this certification be obtained from another certification body or registrar?  Thanks for your kind answer.

Answer:  Hello Robert,  Thanks for contacting us. The API is the only registrar that can provide APIQ1 QMS certification which authorizes the application of the APIQ1 Monogram.  The APIQ1 and ISO TS29001 standards are identical, with exception of Annex A which is specific to the APIQ1 monogram and not included as a part of the ISO TS29001 standard.  ISO TS29001 QMS certification can be obtained from other registrars, not just the API.

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